"I 'Donut' Know What I'd Do Without You" Recap

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Title : "I 'Donut' Know What I'd Do Without You" Recap
link : "I 'Donut' Know What I'd Do Without You" Recap

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"I 'Donut' Know What I'd Do Without You" Recap

Bringing Up Bates "I 'Donut' Know What I'd Do Without You"

  • It's fall break 2016. Tori and Bobby met each other one year ago through a mutual friend, who happened to be Bobby’s roommate. “Their first meeting was at the beach,” says Kelly. “Daddy told Tori… ‘Whatever you do, Tori, don’t dive in too soon,’ and Tori said, ‘It’s too late.’” Courtship is new to Bobby, and when he talked about starting a courtship soon after meeting Tori, Gil advised him to get to know Tori better first.
  • The Bates are spending fall break in Pensacola, Florida, with Bobby, and Tori is convinced that Bobby is going to ask her to start a courtship.
  • Lawson, Nathan, Carlin, Josie, and Jackson arrive at the Pensacola condo 30 minutes before the rest of the family. Bobby recruits them to help decorate for Tori’s arrival. They put up signs, balloons, and beach-themed d├ęcor to remind Tori of the first week she met Bobby. One of the signs says: “Of all the fish in the sea, I’m so glad you chose me.” Another says: “In my ‘court’ room you have been found guilty because you have absolutely and completely stolen my heart.”
  • The decorations give Tori a pretty good idea of what’s coming, but she doesn’t know when it will happen.
  • Later that afternoon, the family goes mini-golfing at Fast Eddie’s Fun Center. While they golf, Tori and Bobby share a few hugs. Kelly says the courtship rules have gotten a bit more relaxed over the years.
  • The next morning, the Bates meet up with Bobby’s family and John and Alyssa for a dolphin cruise.
  • Bobby pulls his parents, Gil and Kelly, and Alyssa aside to discuss plans for the sunset dinner that evening. “I think you should surprise them all and just get engaged,” jokes Alyssa. “Dad would be the most surprised.” “Who invited her to this conversation?” responds Gil, laughing.
  • The next event is parasailing. Tori is scared at first, but she ends up enjoying it. “When we got up there, 600 feet away from everyone else, that was really nice,” she admits.
  • That evening, the moms, Alyssa, and one of Bobby’s sisters set up a table on the beach, while Gil and Bobby’s dad pick up food for two from Outback Steak House.
  • When everyone leaves and Tori and Bobby arrive at the dinner spot, Bobby gives Tori a beautiful infinity bracelet. “I know this is one step along the way, but are you ready to go with me?” he asks Tori. She says yes! The parents come out to congratulate them, and then they leave so the couple can enjoy their dinner.
  • “You pray when your children are born about who they’re going to marry and will God bring the right person along,” says Gil. “I think Bobby and Tori are definitely moving in the right direction.”
  • “More than any of the other couples, I think when I’m looking at Tori and Bobby, I’m looking at a little Kelly Jo and Gil in a lot of ways,” Kelly adds. Gil jokes that they might just end up having 19 kids.

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